Our Staff

Senior Leadership Team

Principal – Mr P Taylor
Vice Principal (Student Personal Development and Support) – Miss K Breakell
Vice Principal (Achievement and Standards) – Mr P Murphy
Assistant Principal (Raising Aspirations) – Mr R Bond
Assistant Principal (Quality of Teaching and Learning) – Mr B Cunningham
Assistant Principal (Key Stage 3) – Mr N Herbert
Assistant Principal (Behaviour and Attitudes) – Mr J Watt
Assistant Principal (Access and Inclusion) – Miss E Warner

Teaching Staff

Art Department

Curriculum Leader of Art – Mrs S Anders
Lead Practioner of Art – Mrs R Parker

Design and Technology Department

Curriculum Leader of Design and Technology – Miss J Jarvis
Second in Charge of Design & Technology – Mr L Baines
Assistant Principal (Raising Aspirations)/Teacher of Design and Technology – Mr R Bond
Teacher of Design and Technology/Year Leader of Year 8 – Miss B Mason
Teacher of Design and Technology – Mrs S Hill
Food Technology Technician – Mrs C Palmer

English Department

Acting Curriculum Leader of English – Miss N Thompson
Lead Practitioner of English – Miss V Sheridan
Literacy Lead/Teacher of English – Miss A Fitzgerald
Vice Principal (Student Personal Development and Support)/Teacher of English – Miss K Breakell
Teacher of English/Year Leader of Year 9 – Mrs J Butcher
Teacher of English – Miss B Clegg
Assistant Principal (Quality of Teaching and Learning)/Teacher of English – Mr B Cunningham
Teacher of English/Student Engagement Lead – Miss A Farmer
Teacher of English – Mr M Higgins
Teacher of English/Student Well-Being Lead – Mrs K Scott
Assistant Principal (Access and Inclusion)/Teacher of English – Miss E Warner
Teacher of English – Mrs G Watkinson
Teacher of English/Year Leader of Year 7 – Miss M Whybrow
Librarian – Miss B Naughton
English Intervention Assistant – Miss A Chadwick

Geography Department 

Curriculum Leader of Geography – Mrs M Sykes
Teacher of Geography – Miss S Drysdale
Teacher of Geography – Mr T O’Brien

History Department 

Curriculum Leader of History – Mr J Howard
Second in Charge of History – Mr S Wilkinson
Teacher of History/Personal Development Lead – Miss J Dootson
Teacher of History/Character Curriculum Lead – Mrs E Jones

ICT, Computing & Business Studies Department

Curriculum Leader of ICT – Mrs L Matthews
Teacher of ICT & Computing – Mrs C Chalmers
Teacher of ICT & Computing – Mr A Khokar

Mathematics Department
Curriculum Leader of Mathematics – Mr P Whitehead
Second in Charge of Mathematics – Mr R Taylor
Numeracy Lead/Teacher of Maths – Mrs C Swift
Teacher of Mathematics – Dr M Gandy
Teacher of Mathematics – Miss A Kaminskaite
Teacher of Mathematics – Mr M Leong
Vice Principal (Achievement and Standards)/ Teacher of Mathematics – Mr P Murphy
Teacher of Mathematics/Student Achievement Mentor – Miss J Perry
Teacher of Mathematics – Mr R Stephenson
Curriculum Leader of Learning Support (SENDCo)/Teacher of Mathematics – Mr J Tupman
Teacher of Mathematics/Leader of Student Achievement KS4 – Mr R Watkinson
Teacher of Mathematics – Mr K Wong

Modern Foreign Languages Department

Curriculum Leader of Modern Foreign Languages – Mr D Bannatyne
Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages/Year Leader of Year 11 – Mme S Lewis
Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages – Miss K Humphreys
Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages – Ms M Ramonet

Music Department

Curriculum Leader of Music- Mr G Taylor

Pastoral Department

Vice Principal (Student Personal Development and Support) – Miss K Breakell (BreakellK@audenshawschool.org.uk)
Assistant Principal (Behaviour and Attitudes) – Mr J Watt (WattJ@audenshawschool.org.uk)
Year Leader of Year 7 – Miss M Whybrow (WhybrowM@audenshawschool.org.uk)
Year Leader of Year 8 – Miss B Mason (Masonb@audenshawschool.org.uk)
Year Leader of Year 9 – ​​Mrs J Butcher (ButcherJ@audenshawschool.org.uk)
Year Leader of Year 10 – Mme S Lewis (LewisS@audenshawschool.org.uk)
Year Leader of Year 11 – ​​Mr A Sutherland (SutherlandA@audenshawschool.org.uk)
Pastoral Support & Student Wellbeing Officer – Mr P Whalley (WhalleyP@audenshawschool.org.uk)
Attendance & Pastoral Officer – Mrs S Bailey (BaileyS@audenshawschool.org.uk)

PE Department

Curriculum Leader of PE – Mr A Donnelly
Teacher of PE – Mr A Fox
Teacher of PE – Mr R Leach
Teacher of PE/Year Leader of Year 11 – Mr A Sutherland

RE and Life Skills Department

Curriculum Leader of RE and Life Skills – Miss P Brookes
Assistant Principal (Behaviour and Attitudes)/Teacher of RE – Mr J Watt
Teacher of RE – Miss B Clegg

Science Department

Curriculum Leader of Science – Miss N Thomson
Lead Practitioner of Science – Mrs K Mason
Lead Practitioner of Science – Miss H Guilfoyle
Teacher in Charge of Biology – Mrs F Briggs
Teacher in Charge of Chemistry – Mrs T Higgins
Teacher in Charge of Physics – Mr D Hardy
Assistant Principal (Key Stage 3)/Teacher of Science – Mr N Herbert
Teacher of Science – Mrs A Ali
Teacher of Science – Mrs J Kelly
Teacher of Science – Mr S Mawby
Teacher of Science – Mrs K Taylor
Senior Science Technician – Mrs G Shanks
Science Technician – Mrs G Hardy

Classroom Support

Learning Supervisors

Learning Supervisor – Mrs H Boston
Learning Supervisor – Miss E Dawson

Learning Support Department

Curriculum Leader of Learning Support (SENDCo)/Teacher of Mathematics – Mr J Tupman
Learning Support Assistant (EAL) – Mrs R Butt
Learning Support Assistant – Mrs S Robinson
Learning Support Assistant – Miss R Hall
Learning Support Assistant – Ms S Ridler
Learning Support Assistant – Mrs S Norry

Business Support Team


Building Operations Manager – Mr J McCabe
Facilities Assistant – Mr R Anderson
Facilities Assistant – Mr J Mellor
Cleaner – Miss B Barton
Cleaner – Mrs S Bayley
Cleaner – Mrs E Catelani
Cleaner – Mrs S Core
Cleaner – Mrs P Davies
Cleaner – Mrs C Douglas
Cleaner – Mrs Z Ely
Cleaner – Mrs J Gordon
Cleaner – Ms A Kohut
Cleaner – Mrs I McGrath
Cleaner – Mrs C Merron
Cleaner – Ms T Myles
Cleaner – Mrs C Spedding
Cleaner – Miss M Wood


Chief Financial Officer – Mr I Hilton
Finance Assistant – Miss K Pilkington
Finance Apprentice – Miss M Rodgers


HR Manager – Mrs D Patel
PA to the Principal – Mrs S Hollick


IT Manager – Mr M Wright
IT Technician – Mr A Hussain

Student Services

Head of Executive Services – Mrs S Monks
Executive Support Officer – Mrs E Spencer
Administrator – Miss D McCabe
Administrator – Miss D Crockett
Administrator – Mrs A Pimlott
Receptionist – Miss N Hallam
Exams Officer – Miss L Blondon

Correct at 18th May 2022

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