Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Our School aims to provide a quality education in a caring community based
on values of respect, responsibility and resilience and a relentless pursuit
of excellence in all that we do.

Our Vision

Our School will be recognised as a fully inclusive, aspirational, high
achieving centre of excellence, firmly rooted in the local community.
We will create, develop and maintain a challenging and stimulating
personalised learning environment where no student is overlooked or left
behind and where teaching and learning is high quality, inspirational and

We will consistently have high academic standards and expectations for
every individual and continue to place considerable value on sport and
healthy living and developing strong links with the community.
All members of our School community will be valued and every success will
be celebrated. Our School will maintain a safe, secure and caring
environment in which to work and learn.

Our Values

The culture of high expectations for all students and staff within our school is strengthened through the promotion of the following values in all members of the school community:

– Respect
– Responsibility
– Resilience

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