Effective and accurate assessment is pivotal in ensuring students are challenged to achieve their potential.  The school’s Assessment and Achievement Policy contains important information about how data is used to set, monitor and meet individual student and school targets and how academic targets for students are used to raise attainment and achievement in order to meet those targets.  The principles underpinning assessment at Formby High School are set out in the bullet points below:

  • We believe that an essential part of improving achievement is to set targets that are aspirational
  • The school will have high aspirations and set challenging, yet achievable targets for all students, including those with Special Educational Needs, the Most Able cohort and the Pupil Premium cohort
  • We believe that students should be closely involved in the process of target setting in order to understand what they need to do to achieve them
  • Targets, and progress being made towards them, will be discussed regularly with students and their parents
  • Students will be regularly and routinely assessed using a range of methods, including examinations
  • Students’ progress will be tracked against their target and this progress will be reported regularly to parents

For further information regarding assessment, please click on the link below:

Achievement Bands

Student targets are set using Achievement Bands which are determined by their performance in assessments at the end of Key Stage Two and the beginning of Year 7.   Students’ progress is reported to parents using these achievement bands.  Please click on the image below for further information.


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